• In order to receive the most accurate shipping quote, the following information is required:
    Domestic - Origin and destination ZIP codes.
    International - Destination country and city or postal code.
    Ship date
    Type of packaging you plan to use
    Package dimensions (specify CM or IN)
    Weight (specify KG or LB)
    Package value (specify currency)

  • The price of shipments may fluctuate depending on a number of factors such as ship date, fuel surcharges and carrier price adjustments. Although the price of the shipments may change slightly over time, in our experience the fluctuation is minimal. In order to avoid big price fluctuations we always encourage you to quote and ship your package as close to each other as possible.

  • We can ship to over 220 countries and territories worldwide including every address in the United States.

    We do not serve the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Johnston Island, North Korea, St. Helena (S. Atlantic), Sudan, Tokelau Islands, Turkmenistan, and Wake Islands

  • The transit time for your package will vary depending on the service selected. When you receive a quote, you are provided with the estimated transit time for various services.

    If you wish to track a current shipment, you can do so by entering the tracking number on the Tracking page.

    The transit times quoted are indicative and we have no liability or responsibility for differences between this indicative and the actual transit times. The final transit time may differ based on the services requested, characteristics of the package, weather delays, customs clearance/processing and remote area deliveries that may be handled by third party couriers.

  • We are not able to ship certain items due to legal and safety regulations. Before shipping please review the following list of commonly prohibited and restricted items:

    • Aerosols
    • Alcohol
    • Ammunition
    • Camping stoves (used)
    • Chemicals
    • Drain cleaners
    • Dry ice
    • Fireworks
    • Flammable items
    • Lighters
    • Matches
    • Paint (oil-based)
    • Parts (with fuel)
    • Perfume
    • Plants and animals
    • Propane
    • Radioactive materials
    • Solvents and acetone
    • Wet batteries

    When shipping internationally, certain countries have import restrictions for some items. Please check with your local customs authority for any potential limitations or necessary procedures prior to shipping. This will help avoid any lengthy delays, unexpected fees or confiscation of your items.

    The above list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of articles prohibited from shipping, so please contact us for any questionable items you are unsure of.

  • Any international shipment is subject to duties and taxes at the destination country. The recipient is responsible for paying these duties and taxes according to the rules and regulations imposed the local government. Wrongfully declaring customs information can lead to delays, confiscation of your goods by customs, financial penalties and even criminal prosecution. We are not responsible for any inaccurate information supplied by you regarding duties, taxes whether by you or a merchant.

    More information on filling out the customs declarations form for your packages can be found here

  • While each country has its own specific document requirements for shipments, the following rule of thumb will cover a large majority of them:

    Documents: No additional documentation required.

    Dutiable item (just about anything other than documents): 3 copies of a commercial invoice specifying the contents, quantity and unit price of the contents. This invoice must include a matching address to the consignee (recipient).

  • We do not provide COD (Collect on Delivery) for the payment of goods or transportation, however we do allow customers to provide their own pre-printed shipping labels.

    If you would like to use a recipients shipping account and you do not have a pre-printed shipping label, there is a $5 per piece fee for assistance in completing and processing the manual airway bill for each shipment. This fee is payable to us, and cannot be billed to an account. Please note, we cannot bill a FedEx account for FedEx Ground services, we can only do this for FedEx Express.

  • By being strategically located next to the MIA airport and because of our pooled shipping volume, we are able to negotiate significant discounts from the world's best shipping carriers and in turn pass on these savings to you.

  • No, we are unable to process shipments addressed to a PO Box. A full street address is required.

  • All shipments processed through Go Go Go are classified as being shipped by an 'unknown shipper'. As a result, all shipments may be inspected by the courier driver or local station to confirm the contents are acceptable for transport. All shipments are subject to multiple levels of security inspections. These inspections may include the use of x-ray, explosive trace detection systems, random selection and other security protocols.

    Please note that any shipment may be opened by government agencies (such as customs, or police) both in the country of origin and/or the destination while in the care of shipping company. Go Go Go has no control over these requests.

  • We welcome anyone worldwide to register for an account; however we do have some limitations:

    You must agree by our Terms of Service agreement, this includes not using your Go Go Go Box address for fraudulent reasons.

    We cannot ship to certain countries, entities or individuals with whom the US or other international trade embargoes have prohibited.

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